Dear Current and Prospective Members,

After eight years of joyful membership in The New Virginians, I recently assumed the role of President. Some anxiety, some excitement, and lots of happiness have followed. We moved to Virginia knowing no one but my son and daughter-in-law. It was a difficult time, leaving jobs, friends, and the place we raised our children. My realtor gave me a subscription to Richmond Magazine, and for that she will always be one of my favorite people, for in the "what to do" area I found a message from "The New Virginians."  The notice said if you are new to the area and wish to meet others like yourself, please join us for a luncheon and consider joining our organization. I did indeed join and found generosity, friendship, fun and laughter.

The tradition of welcoming friendship continues in this club. We offer a wide variety of interest groups, monthly luncheons, exciting programs, and the opportunity to form those all-important friendships. I wish you a happy and healthy summer, and extend an invitation to join us in our many activities as we look forward to an exciting fall schedule.

Cheryl Keller